Weekly and Private Classes

Weekly Classes

These classes are a platform for our little scientists to keep the thinking cap on and be inquisitive as to why somethings happen and how! Children will learn and explore scientific principles through various hands on experiments, games, discussing and analyzing recordings and understanding practical application of the scientific principle around us! 

Age groups for weekly classes are :

  • 24-36 months: Classes for this age group are designed to introduce science to little curious minds by various sensorial and hands on experiments. Its amazing to see the little minds intrigued by concepts of science. These classes are accompanied.
  • 3-5 years old: These classes are designed to encourage children to observe and explore basic science concepts in depth. Children perform hands on experiments to allow better understanding and keep their interest bubbling ! Children are encouraged to discuss their observation during the class.
  • 5-8 years old: These classes focuses on expanding their learning on what they already have learnt with additional new topics. This group is encouraged to predict outcomes of experiments they perform and how they think those scientific principle come into play in the world around them.

Location for Weekly classes:

  • Park View, Tai Tam (Friday afternoon)
  • Clear Water Bay ( Tues afternoon & Saturday morning)
  • Waterfront, Kowloon (Thursday afternoon)
  • Mighty Oaks, Kennedy Town ( Thursday afternoon)
  • PMQ, Central (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon)

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be arranged at your house. Its a regular once a week or twice a week session.

Fees for Private Lessons:

900 HKD for 1 Hour (for up to 4 children) & 1200 HKD for 1.5 Hour (for up to 4 children). Additional Transport charges apply to some locations

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